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    The Empowerment Experiment - Family's Pledge to Buy Black Becomes a Movement Featured

    The Empowerment Experiment -
    Family's Pledge to Buy Black Becomes a Movement

    Everyone is talking about The Empowerment Experiment . See the Andersons' live out their pledge to buy Black for one year. See the media cover their journey. See the entrepreneurs they engage and the community's response. 

    We are finally coming together around The Empowerment Experiment - the Andersons, the media, the quality Black businesses and professionals, and the community at large. This is our movement.  Join it now at www.EEforTomorrow.com


    Maggie Anderson CEO of Empowerment Experiment

    On Saturday, July 30th, 2011 at the National Urban League Conference in Boston one of the most powerful speeches given to this date by a young professional mother of color (Cuban-American) was delivered by Maggie Anderson, the CEO of the Empowerment Experiment based out of Chicago, Illinois. During her talk in which she statistically, as well as, emotionally made the case for the dire need to help struggling black neighborhood businesses not only survive, but prosper and someday become as she says, "as big as a Sears and Roebuck and Company".

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    Maggie Anderson's keynote speech came as a pleasant surprise to a somewhat laid back conference whose theme this year was "Small Business Matters!" When Maggie wrapped up her speech the luncheon crowd rose to their feet to express their thanks, love and appreciation to Maggie Anderson Esquire for the dedicated efforts of herself, husband and family in bringing attention to American people the plight of black businesses and the clarion call for black empowerment.

    Maggie is a dynamic speaker loaded with passion who is all about not only saving and promoting black businesses, but also the American dream....Bravo!!!

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